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What is stressure you may ask?  Well, it certainly isn’t a real word, at least not yet.  It represents a combination of the feelings you get when you are really stressed out and are under a lot of pressure.  It can be caused by many things such as work, family, travel, school, etc. but it can also mean different things to different people.  Some people can tolerate stress and pressure better than others and sometimes it just depends on the situation.  So in a nutshell this site is dedicated to exploring the many things that stress people out or make people feel pressured.  One of the goals for this site is to show people that they are not alone in their stress and hopefully make them feel better about their situation.  As a side project it would be really cool if stressure actually ends up becoming a real word too!

Enjoy the site!

5 thoughts on “About page

  1. marym@aol.com

    I’m a waitress and I can tell you one HUGE thing that really stresses me out is the fact that most people have no clue how to tip properly. I bust my ass all day and work for next to nothing for an hourly amount so I rely on tips for the majority of my pay. Many people think waiters/waitresses make their money through their hourly pay and those people do not tip very much. People, if you eat at a restaurant and get good service PLEASE remember to tip your waiter/waitress!!!

  2. jdog153

    I don’t know if this would be classified as stress, pressure, or whatever but college has really become less enjoyable since freshman year. We were told that going to college would guarantee us good, stable jobs when we got out but now that I am in my senior year I really don’t have much faith in that being the case. The stress is really building up on what I am going to do once I graduate, which by the way is only a few months away!! Oh yeah, I love the name stressure, I wonder if it will ever become a real word?

  3. James Henry

    Christmas time can be a pretty stressful time for some people. In the office environment, for example, some people get noticeably more excited around the holidays. Sometimes those same people can be quite annoying. First you have those people who want to have the office party turned into some kind of office gift exchanging major event. I honestly feel they actually start thinking about getting the right present the day after Christmas for the following year. Then you have the people that are grumpy for the entire holiday season. Those people are best left alone but leave it to the excited holiday people to try and “cheer” them up and then utter chaos ensues.

  4. Charles O’donald

    I have been stressed quite frequently now a days, my job has been pushing me past my limits and school is just a burden, I have to loose one of them but they are both very important to me. On one hand I won’t have money without a job and on the other hand I need an education so that I can get a better job in the future. If anyone has any opinions on which one I should drop or how to equally manage everything in my life please let me know, I would greatly appreciate reply’s.

  5. Stephanie Czerick

    The COVID situation has really been stressing me out a lot lately. I was working in the restaurant industry, which was hit very hard immediately when businesses were shut down, but have been able to offset my work with various side jobs. My stress was obviously the loss of pay at first, but lately, it seems I now am stressing about whether or not life will ever return to normal. Will people be able to hang out and associate with one another again anytime soon? Many of my friends are still too scared to hang out together even though most of them have had their vaccination shots. I miss the days of hanging out together and, even though we are holding virtual gatherings, they just don’t replace being together. I hope things get better soon, especially with the summer coming up.


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